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There is something supernatural about our ability to talk. You and I are the only creatures God made with the right to choose our own words and then speak them. A parrot has a voice, and it can sound like a man. To explore the pre presidency backgrounds of previous Commanders in Chief, Graphiq politicsRead More

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Trump tweeted later that the meeting was the “honour of a lifetime.” A statement from the Vatican later said “satisfaction was expressed” at their “joint commitment in favour of life” and that there was hoped for collaboration on health care, assistance to immigrants and protection of Christian communities in the Middle East. Secretary of StateRead More

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Police statewide have been notified through the Commonwealth Fusion Center, Shrewsbury police Sgt. Alfred Charles Pratt II said.”We’re hoping someone finds him soon,” Tyler LaJoie said of his father Sunday evening as darkness fell.David LaJoie, who has dementia, will turn 70 on Monday and looks younger than his years, said his wife, Tena LaJoie. TheyRead More

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Full marks to the effort. Sensational stuff from Axar. It was a tossed up delivery from, Dawson used his feet and lofted it towards deep mid wicket. Fred Hellerman, the last remaining member of the Weavers, died at his home in Weston, Conn. 28, 1980, file photo, the Weavers perform in a 25th Anniversary reunionRead More

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Shaw says they very proud to have the Seahawks stand up as the one team that wanted to make a change.The innovative new jerseys were a collaboration between Nike and actual players. Those players, including some from the Seahawks, traveled to the Beaverton campus to show Nike what was important to them in a jersey.TheRead More

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Puerto Rico is still without power, clean water, medical facilities and a host of other basic human needs. What little remains is being taken by looters, said Rev. Russell Kennedy of St. HERE THE THING. IF YOU WANT TO GIVE GOVERNMENT MORE MONNY, THIS IS THE SAME GOVERNMENT THAT TOLD YOU THEY WERE GOING TORead More